2020 Brazil

Strategic Report

Distributed Generation

Photovoltaic Market

Greener brings relevant information and insights to help companies understand the challenges and opportunities in the Distributed Generation Photovoltaic segment in Brazil.

Report Highlights


  • The 2020 revenue of the PV kits market was R$ 7 Billion;


  • The volume of most integrating companies exceeded the pre-pandemic level.


  • The cost of photovoltaic equipment increased around 10% to 20% in 2020. The integrating companies absorbed a significant part of this cost, so that it wouldn’t impact the end users.


  • Distributors and Integrators are optimistic in 2021. Most are considering increasing their staff, so job openings should accelerate this year.


  • 88% of customers who installed solar energy technology in their business are considered satisfied. The non satified customers say the cost and generation of energy was lower than promised.


2020 Brazilian PV Markets Highlights

Solar PV Module Imported Volume reach 4,76 GW in 2020

Integrators and Distributors intend to increase their teams in 2021

Integrators dedicated exclusively to solar energy has increased

The integration chain absorbed part of the increase in costs, seeking to maintain competitiveness

The supply chain for PV Kits has invoiced more than R$ 7 bi reais in 2020

In 2020, 75% of Integrators concluded at least one sale using a bank financing line

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