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Energy Storage Market Brazil 2021

Applications, Technologies and Financial Analysis

The Energy Storage Market is already a reality. In 10 years, the cost of batteries has decreased by more than 85% and projections indicate that by 2022 this segment should demand investments higher than R$ 1 billion. The electrical sector transformation has already begun. Are you ready?


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Why will Energy Storage revolutionize the electrical sector?

The cost of batteries is expected to be reduced by 40% by 2025

Return on Investment is already attractive to thousands of consumers

More than R$ 1 billion will be invested by 2022

Fundamental complement to the evolution of renewable sources

Strategic content to scale the market potential

Applications of storage systems in the Brazilian market

Price trends and economic viability analysis until 2030

Risk Analysis for a market is still being built

Case studies of on-grid and off-grid applications in Brazil

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Chapter 1: How Storage Is Changing The Electric Power Sector Worldwide

The Role of Storage in Transforming the Electrical Sector

Global Power Will Overtake 1,000 GW By 2040

Global Revenue Expected For 2035

Storage Systems Are Used For Diverse Applications

Storage Will Extend Renewables Reach

Services In Front Of The Meter

Services In Front Of Meter In US And Other Countries

Distributed Generation In Germany

Energy Trading - Netherlands

Cases - Hawaii And Australia

Chapter 2: The Revolution in Batteries Technologies

Comparison of Major Battery Technologies

Lithium Batteries * Price Has Dropped 89% Since 2010

Flow batteries Have A Very Distinct Profile

Scenarios For The Future Of Battery Technologies

What Makes Up A Storage System?

Cost Structure - Commercial System

Lifetime Comparison: Lead Vs. Lithium

Cost Evolution Of Lithium Batteries

Price Scenario For Lithium Batteries By 2030

Productive Process Of A Lithium Battery

Features of the Main Battery Types

All Lithium Batteries Need A BMS

Taxes in Brazil

Chapter 3: How Storage Is Starting To Change the Eletrical Sector in Brazil

Main Applications In The Brazilian Electric Sector

Storage In Isolated Systems

Case – Ilha De Lençois (MA)

Case - Farm in Goiás

Case – Celpe R&D

Storage Behind The Meter

Reduction of Consumption During Busy Hours

Contracted Demand Reduction

Distributed Generation With No Network Injection

Power Backup

Case - Vale Project

Case - Business Project

Case - Cemig R&D

Market In Front Of Meter

Case - Isa Cteep R&D

Case - Cesp R&D

R&D Projects In Brazil

Challenges Faced By Pioneer Projects*

Chapter 4: Achieving Economic Viability

Analysis Area - Behind the Medium Voltage Meter

Reduction of Consumption During Busy Hours

Contracted Demand Reduction

Case Study - Medium Voltage Commercial Customer

Case Study - Technical Assumptions

Case Study - Financial Assumptions

Case Study - What Will The Battery Do In Fact?

Case Study - Consumer Location

Case Study - Results in Equatorial Pa

Case Study - Cash Flow

And In Other Distributors?

What If Capex Changes?

Potential Market - Medium Voltage

Analysis Area - Behind the Low Voltage Meter

Reliability Is a Relevant Issue

Regions With High Interruption Hours

Interruption Frequency By Region

Hybrid Systems: Fv + Storage

Analysis Areas - Isolated Micro Systems

Small Off-Grid Systems

Areas of Analysis - Large Isolated Systems

Isolated Systems Map

Hybrid System Concept

Services Not Included In Our Analyzes

Financial Attractiveness In Distributors

Payback At Distributors

Financial Attractiveness (Capex)

Attractiveness In The Free Market

Financial Attractiveness and Market Size

Financial Attractiveness Map - Medium Voltage

Diesel Generation - Isolated Systems

Value of Diesel Generation By Enterprise

Generation Cost Disel Vs Fv + Storage

Storage For Isolated Hybrid Systems


Chapter 5: Quantifying The Potential Of The Storage Market, Today And The Future

Cost Structure - Fv + Storage System

Cost Structure - Storage System

Matrix of Risks and Opportunities

Cost Structure - Fv + Storage System

Cost Structure - Storage System

Matrix of Risks and Opportunities

Energy Storage Market Forecasting

Storage Investment Forecasting

What Drives Markets? Low Voltage (Fv + Storage)

What Drives Markets? Medium Voltage (Captive + Free)

What Drives Markets? Off-Grid (Small)

What Drives Markets? Off-Grid (Large)

Economic Risks And Opportunities

Technical Risks And Opportunities (I)

Technical Risks And Opportunities (II)

Regulatory Risks And Opportunities


Chapter 6: Joining The Force To Grow A New Market

Strategic Priorities (1/5) - Economic

Strategic Priorities (2/5) - Taxation

Strategic Priorities (3/5) - Technical Standards

Strategic Priorities (4/5) - Regulatory

Strategic Priorities (5/5) - Regulatory


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